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Per and Inge Nielsen founded Technical Miniatures in 1971. The company specialised in the manufacture and distribution of high quality hearing aids. The company was relocated to Sydney and incorporated in 1974.

In 1979 Techmin received the prestigious Enterprise Australia Award, having been nominated by the Federal Dept. of Health in recognition for its contribution to the hearing aid industry. It was changed to Techmin Pty Ltd in 1985.

Per and Inge have a long and impressive history in the field of microelectronics. Having held managerial positions in a European company ‘Danavox’ before emigrating to Australia, they obtained significant experience in the design and manufacture of Hearing Aids and associated equipment. Per has a Mechanical Engineering Degree and during his years of National Service in the Danish Airforce, gained an in depth knowledge of Radar and Missile Electronics Technology. They have always adapted the latest advances in microtechnology into their products.

Techmin was the first Australian company to manufacture hearing aids incorporating printed circuit boards with printed components. The company, in collaboration with Ascom International, also manufactured major components of the world’s first remote control system for hearing aids and for sixteen years supplied major components and electronic assemblies for the Australian Bionic Ear.

Our Company Philosophy

“ To maintain a level of performance which will exceed our clients’ expectations, by always providing products and services of consistent superior quality.”


Our Technology

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology, so we can provide high quality services and products.


Our Products

Our involvement in the manufacturing process varies depending on the client's requirements. From manufacture of components through to detailed research and development and manufacture of a complete product, we always endeavour to produce products of the highest quality and reliability. Click here to view a sample of our manufacturing portfolio and some of our featured products.


Our Services

We have a wide range of manufacturing and engineering services available. Click here for more information about our current services.